Afipsky refinery (OOO" Afipsky Refinery) - established in December 1964. At that time the plant was part of the production association "Krasnodarnefteorgsintez and recycled gas condensate and intermediates. Main products are high-purity toluene and benzene. It was the only company in the former Soviet Union to develop aromatic hydrocarbons. Currently, the plant specializes in producing gasoline, diesel fuel, different grades, fuel oil, kerosene, fuel oil, liquefied natural gas. All products manufactured by the plant in line with indicators of regulatory documents.
Afipsky refinery Company is focused  on both domestic and international market.  Having a basis in the refining sector and marketing, the company consistently builds assets and extends its activities in related sectors -
Our Company
Our Company
Afipsky Refinery, today opened a book of applications to purchase bonds of 03 series of the nominal value of 5 billion rubles. The bonds will be 10 years, producing provided a 3-year offer......
Krasnodar region, the Seversky district, village Afipsky, industrial zone
                           353236, Russia Federation

The Krasnodar Region, or Kuban as it is commonly referred to, is one of the most rapidly developing regions in Russia....
The Krasnodar Region, or Kuban as it is commonly referred to, is one
of the most rapidly developing regions in Russia. Not only does the region
provide much of the country’s food production, it is also Russia’s largest
transport hub. Sochi, a town located in Kuban, will host the 2014 Winter
Olympic Games.
The region is becoming an increasingly attractive place for outside
investment. Investor interest in Kuban is growing rapidly—economic
and political stability, favourable conditions for growth and low risk
are the key drivers which contribute towards this. According to an
investment appeal rating, Kuban ranks among the top 10 Russian
Total investment into the region increases by at least 20% year-on-year,
and the gross regional product grows at the rate of 7% a year. Over the
last five years, the volume of construction work has witnessed a 2.5 fold
increase, and the consumer market has almost doubled in size. According to experts’ estimates, in the next five
years Kuban’s economy is ready to take in tens of billions of euros.
We have set up a special health and recreational economic zone, as well as one of four gambling zones in Russia,
where preferential conditions for business activities will be introduced.
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